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Proven methods that sell out large-scale events & festivals

Are you facing challenges in selling out your events or festivals? Has the aftermath of COVID-19 left your ticket sales struggling to regain momentum? Look no further.

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Freya Yardley

Freya Yardley

Driven By Digital

Driven By Digital

This comprehensive guide unveils the secret strategies and proven tactics that can catapult your event ticket sales to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned event organiser or a newcomer to the industry, this blog is packed with invaluable insights to help you achieve unparalleled success in selling out your events.

At Driven By Digital, we understand the unique challenges businesses across various sectors face in today's competitive landscape. While we service many companies in different sectors, we are particularly proud of our collaborations with prominent hospitality and events brands. Our innovative solutions have helped these brands drive growth, increase ticket sales, and create unforgettable experiences for their audiences. 

Ticket Platforms: Maximise your events presence across multiple ticketing platforms.

Expand your event's reach across various ticketing platforms to unlock untapped potential.

While relying on a single ticket platform may suffice for some, harnessing the power of multiple platforms can exponentially enhance your event's visibility. Within the realm of ticketing, platforms can broadly be categorised into those catering to consumers actively seeking events and those offering direct-to-consumer ticketing services.

Platforms catering to consumers actively seeking events often serve as both discovery platforms and ticket outlets. Leveraging these platforms can expose your event to a broader audience and drive organic traffic, leading to increased ticket sales. Examples include Eventbrite, Fatsoma, Fixr, Skiddle, and Ticketmaster.

On the other hand, direct-to-consumer platforms solely serve as ticket outlets and offer features like branded ticketing shops. While they provide convenience, they may lack the organic exposure generated by discovery platforms

By strategically utilising both types of platforms, you can maximise your event's exposure and reach. However, thorough research and early event launch are crucial to capitalise on the benefits of multiple platforms effectively.

Purchase Experience: Create a simple purchasing experience.

Your ticket page is the final gateway to converting potential attendees into ticket holders. Elevating this page from a mere description to a comprehensive guide can significantly impact conversion rates. 

Start by enriching the content with essential event details, including running times, venue location, and minimum age requirements. Providing clarity on terms and conditions, prohibited items and ticket availability further enhances the user experience.

Additionally, leverage visual elements such as embedded images and videos to create an immersive browsing experience. Showcase past events and performers to entice potential attendees. While some platforms may limit visual content, maximising its presence wherever possible can elevate your ticket page.

By prioritising informative content and engaging visuals, you can create a seamless purchasing journey that drives conversions effectively.

Expanding beyond traditional platforms like Meta Business Manager can unlock new audiences and drive ticket sales. While Meta platforms effectively reach existing followers, exploring alternative channels can broaden your event's exposure, particularly for large-scale events and festivals.

Platforms like Snapchat and TikTok offer cost-effective advertising options, especially for targeting younger demographics. To engage with your audience effectively, use short-form, vertical videos and advanced targeting features. Twitter's follower lookalike targeting, LinkedIn's job title, and industry targeting are valuable for reaching niche audiences.

For music festivals and events, Spotify's self-serve ad platform allows targeting based on music preferences. Consider Google and YouTube for highly targeted search and video placements with advanced retargeting capabilities. Experimenting with different platforms enables you to identify the most effective channels for your event, driving greater exposure and ticket sales.

Targeted Landing Pages: Capture registrations effectively.

While optimising your ticket page is essential, creating a custom landing page takes your registration process to the next level. Designed to align with your event's branding and artwork, bespoke landing pages offer added functionality to drive registrations effectively.

Offers: Group Tickets and flexible payment plans.

We advocate for offering group tickets and flexible payment plans as effective strategies to boost ticket sales and conversions.

Group Tickets:

By providing discounts on group tickets, you incentivise attendees to save money and foster a sense of community around your event. Our experience with events like Groovebox Festival has shown that group ticket promotions can significantly drive momentum and increase attendance. We recommend offering options like '3 for 2' packages to balance value and revenue goals. 

To maximise exposure and accurately reflect attendance numbers, consider ticketing solutions that allow for both single-ticket purchases for multiple attendees or tickets with minimum purchase quantities.

Payment Plans:

In today's economic landscape, offering payment plans has become increasingly popular. Payment plans allow attendees to spread the cost of tickets over multiple instalments, making events more accessible to a wider audience. 

For events with ticket prices exceeding £40, we recommend integrating payment plans into your ticketing strategy. While some platforms may charge additional fees for this service, weighing the benefits of increased ticket sales against any associated costs is essential.

Ultimately, by incorporating group ticket offers and payment plans into your event marketing strategy, you can attract more buyers and ensure a successful event experience for all.

How we can help:

From industry giants to emerging startups, we've had the privilege of working with a diverse range of brands, helping them achieve unprecedented success in event ticket sales. 

Whether implementing targeted marketing campaigns, optimising online presence, or leveraging data-driven strategies, our expertise has consistently delivered remarkable results for our clients.

If you're ready to unlock your brand's full potential and sell out your events like never before, contact us today. Let's collaborate and make your event a resounding success!

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