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Ultimate Rave Bingo

Raving Success: Selling out events from Maidstone to Dunfermline

The client

Ultimate Rave Bingo is a unique touring bingo show, known for its vibrant and unpredictable performances, ensuring that no two shows are ever the same. With an ambitious vision to become a nationwide rave bingo brand, Ultimate Rave Bingo partnered with Driven by Digital. 

Our long-term mission was to launch, sell out, and elevate Ultimate Rave Bingo from a localised event in four Northern England locations into a nationwide phenomenon.

The task

Our mission was clear: to propel Ultimate Rave Bingo into the national spotlight, making it an unmissable event nationwide. To achieve this goal, crafting and executing a strategic marketing plan required meticulous planning and innovative thinking.

Elevating Ultimate Rave Bingo to national prominence presented a unique challenge. Driven by Digital rose to the occasion by developing a comprehensive event-specific digital marketing strategy. This sophisticated approach involved crafting compelling Paid Social Media ad campaigns strategically timed with sign-up phases, omnipresent content distribution, and targeted conversion campaigns. 

Strategic Sign-up Phases

Our journey with Ultimate Rave Bingo began with carefully orchestrated sign-up phases. At Driven by Digital, we understand the power of exclusivity in driving excitement and anticipation. By structuring the sign-up process in distinct phases, we created an aura of exclusivity, compelling participants to secure their spots early.

This approach generated a palpable buzz and ensured a committed audience eagerly awaited the launch of Ultimate Rave Bingo in their town or city.

Tailored Paid Social Media Ads Campaigns

Our approach to Paid Social Media ad campaigns for Ultimate Rave Bingo was anything but cookie-cutter. Each campaign was meticulously crafted to suit the venue's unique characteristics and audience in every new location. Our strategy went beyond ticket sales; it was about igniting excitement and raising awareness of URB's immersive experience.

We deployed engaging content, precise demographic targeting, and strategic ad placements to achieve this. These elements worked in perfect harmony to build anticipation among our target audience.

Omni-Present Content: Sustaining Excitement

Sustaining excitement was paramount; we curated an omnipresent campaign to achieve this. Understanding the importance of keeping the event on everyone's radar, we developed engaging posts, stories, and interactive content across various platforms.

We ensured that Ultimate Rave Bingo remained at the forefront of attendees' minds through consistent and compelling content, building anticipation and excitement leading up to each event.

Conversion Campaigns: Converting Anticipation into Action

As the event dates approached, our team executed conversion campaigns to transform anticipation into action for Ultimate Rave Bingo. 

We focused on creating urgency-driven content, strategic calls to action, and targeted messaging to prompt potential attendees to take immediate action. Our efforts generated a surge in ticket purchases, ensuring that each Ultimate Rave Bingo event became a coveted ticket that fans couldn't resist.

The result

Through our strategic approach and meticulously crafted campaigns, we've propelled Ultimate Rave Bingo into the limelight, transforming it into a multi-city operation with sell-out events now recorded in over 40 locations across the UK. Ultimate Rave Bingo has become synonymous with unforgettable nights of music, excitement, and entertainment from Leeds to Dunfermline, Bangor to Newcastle, and beyond.

The collaboration between Driven by Digital and Ultimate Rave Bingo is a shining success story in the events industry. It has sold out events and created an unparalleled nationwide experience for rave bingo enthusiasts throughout the UK.

As Ultimate Rave Bingo continues to captivate audiences and expand its reach, we remain committed to driving its success forward, shaping the future of immersive event experiences with our innovative digital strategies.


‘Dan is great!! We started using Driven By Digital in December and knew we had made the right decision. Knowledgeable, professional and always keeping us updated with how the campaigns were going.

When we decided to use DBD to run our ad campaigns, we said we needed to see a 30% increase in sales, and they have absolutely smashed that with around a 50% increase. Our business has grown by 300% in the last six months, and I put most of that down to Dan.

I have worked with 2 other companies for ads, and they were terrible and charged a lot more money, too. One of them nearly made us bankrupt because of how poor they were. Dan really cares about your business and goes that extra bit to make sure you get what you need.

If you're seriously thinking of using a digital marketing company, then Dan is your guy!’

Adam Robinson, Ultimate Rave Bingo 

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Our core team had worked and consulted for a variety of national events and hospitality businesses prior to our inception. This experience provided us with an invaluable understanding of how to leverage digital marketing strategies to drive business growth.

Starting out with a handful of clients, we initially specialised in social media account management and paid social ads. Today, we assist brands of all sizes and shapes in achieving their objectives through a 360° approach to digital marketing, which includes Digital Strategy, Paid Social, Paid Search, Content Creation, Web Development, Email and SMS Marketing.

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Let's get started

Let's get started

Do you have a project in mind that Driven By Digital can help with?

Do you have a project in mind that Driven By Digital can help with?