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Probio Energy

Branding for one of Europe's largest alternative fuel suppliers

The client

Probio Energy, a pioneering alternative fuel supplier across Europe, joined forces with Driven by Digital to redefine its brand identity through innovative design and branding initiatives. From captivating social media content to a prominent billboard display at Newcastle Airport, Probio Energy is committed to establishing itself as a leader in sustainable fuel solutions.

At Probio Energy International, they specialise in providing cutting-edge multi-fuel solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our global clientele. With a proven track record in processing and delivering alternative fuels, their expertise extends to efficient management and handling, ensuring prompt and reliable fuel delivery to clients across the UK and Europe.

The task

As a leading alternative fuel supplier across Europe, Probio Energy envisioned a transformative shift in its brand presence but needed a helping hand to bring its concepts to life. Driven by Digital, eagerly embraced the challenge and committed to meeting and surpassing expectations. 

Our mission? To infuse Probio Energy with a fresh perspective through innovative design, strategic branding, and compelling content creation. Read along as we unveil our comprehensive strategy to elevate Probio Energy's brand identity to new heights.

Cutting-Edge Design and Branding: Crafting a Visual Masterpiece 

Understanding the importance of visual communication in today's digital landscape, we embarked on a journey to create a captivating visual identity that would resonate with Probio Energy's core values. Our team meticulously curated every design aspect, ensuring each asset spoke to Probio's commitment to sustainability and innovation in the alternative fuel industry. 

Social Media Content: A Digital Narrative

For Probio Energy, our mission was to translate their brand narrative into compelling social media content that resonated with their audience. We embarked on a journey to curate captivating posts that showcased Probio's commitment to sustainability and provided valuable insights into their operations. 

Through strategic content creation, we ensured that Probio Energy's online presence remained authentic, engaging, and aligned seamlessly with its overarching brand values.

Newcastle Airport Billboard: Making a Statement

For the grand finale of Probio Energy's brand enhancement journey, our branding team designed a strategically placed billboard at Newcastle Airport. Positioned to command attention, this billboard powerfully stated Probio Energy's commitment to sustainability and innovation. 

Situated in a key location within a bustling airport environment, it left a lasting impression on travellers and visitors to and from Newcastle Airport, solidifying Probio Energy's position as a leader in the alternative fuel sector. Through this bold and impactful display, we ensured that Probio Energy's message reached a core audience, further amplifying the brand's visibility and influence.

The result

The collaboration between Probio Energy and Driven by Digital has ushered in a new era for the brand, positioning it as a frontrunner in alternative fuel solutions. Through meticulous design enhancements, compelling social media content, and a captivating billboard at Newcastle Airport, Probio Energy solidifies its position within the industry as a symbol of innovation and dependability.

Our partnership with Probio Energy transcends more than just a branding project; we’ve focussed on crafting a compelling narrative of progress and reliability. As Probio Energy continues to assert its dominance as a leading alternative fuel supplier in Europe, our collaboration is a testament to the transformative potential of strategic design, branding, and digital marketing.

Driven by Digital is honoured to be a partner in Probio Energy's journey toward a radiant and sustainable future and looks forward to collaborating with them on a number of upcoming projects.

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Let's get started

Let's get started

Do you have a project in mind that Driven By Digital can help with?

Do you have a project in mind that Driven By Digital can help with?