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Growth for Groovebox: Mastering Festival Specific Paid Social & PPC Ads

The client

In the vibrant city of Nottingham, where music meets energy, Groovebox is a powerhouse in the event industry. Infamously known as a leading brand within the heartbeat of Nottingham's event scene, Groovebox has been captivating audiences with its monthly large-scale events and festivals since 2018. From humble beginnings in a car park hosting events for just 100 people, Groovebox has grown exponentially, now orchestrating festivals for over 5000 attendees. 

At Driven by Digital, we took on the exciting challenge of partnering with Groovebox in 2023 to harness the power of PPC and Paid Social Ads, propelling them into a Midlands powerhouse.

The task

We set about creating a detailed strategy to leverage the potential of PPC and Paid Social Ads, aiming to elevate Groovebox to new heights within the Midlands. Our mission was to achieve this through strategic digital marketing efforts, we aimed to amplify their reach, boost ticket sales, and solidify their position as a leading force in the regional event industry. Our approach was multi-faceted, focusing mainly on two key objectives:

PAID SOCIAL ADS: Creating a Digital Symphony

Paid Social Ads became the core of Groovebox's digital presence, orchestrated perfectly by our paid media specialists at Driven by Digital. We curated visually captivating campaigns across key platforms, targeting specific demographics and regions within the Midlands. 

This strategic approach transformed Groovebox's digital engagement into a harmonious symphony, resulting in heightened audience interaction, increased event awareness, and a significant surge in attendance at each new Groovebox event. By leveraging the power of targeted social advertising, we ensured that Groovebox's events reached the right audience, amplifying their presence and impact within the regional event scene.

PPC: Precision and Visibility 

The PPC strategy was a masterclass in precision and visibility. Driven by Digital expertly executed a campaign by strategically bidding on relevant keywords and meticulously optimising ad copy. This approach ensured that Groovebox's events consistently appeared at the forefront of search engine results. 

The result was not only increased visibility but also the attraction of an audience actively seeking the unique and exhilarating experiences that Groovebox events promise. By targeting the right keywords and crafting compelling ads, we were able to draw in a crowd that was eager to engage with the vibrant music scene Groovebox is renowned for.

The result

Driven by Digital's strategic implementation of PPC and Paid Social Ads has propelled Groovebox into a commanding position within the Midlands' music event scene. Our assistance has contributed to ensuring each event has been transformed into a memorable experience, solidifying Groovebox's status as a regional powerhouse.

The collaboration between Driven by Digital and Groovebox has not just been about marketing events; it's been about shaping experiences and redefining a brand. Groovebox has dramatically increased its visibility and firmly established itself as a key player in the Midlands' dynamic event landscape.

As Groovebox continues to book new artists & orchestrate large-scale events, the partnership with Driven by Digital stands as a testament to the transformative potential of strategic digital marketing. We are proud to have contributed to Groovebox’s phenomenal rise and are excited to continue this journey of growth and success.


“We started working with Dan and Driven by Digital on our event brand Groovebox in Nottingham in Jan 2023. In the first five months alone we have seen a large increase in our sales and our adverts are performing 3 times better than previously. They helped us achieve our first-ever sell-out event of 5000 people at Nottingham Racecourse in advance.

Dan is very easy to work with, organised and really cares about his clients requirements and targets. Having a large knowledge of event promotion from his previous experience he was a great asset to the team. I would highly recommend his services to anyone considering it. “

- Gary Vincent, Groovebox

Our client portfolio includes leaders in various industries, such as e-commerce, hospitality, health & fitness, events, sports nutrition, hairdressing, alcohol, jewellery, and clothing.

Our core team had worked and consulted for a variety of national events and hospitality businesses prior to our inception. This experience provided us with an invaluable understanding of how to leverage digital marketing strategies to drive business growth.

Starting out with a handful of clients, we initially specialised in social media account management and paid social ads. Today, we assist brands of all sizes and shapes in achieving their objectives through a 360° approach to digital marketing, which includes Digital Strategy, Paid Social, Paid Search, Content Creation, Web Development, Email and SMS Marketing.

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Let's get started

Let's get started

Do you have a project in mind that Driven By Digital can help with?

Do you have a project in mind that Driven By Digital can help with?