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Gold Standard Nutrition

Unveiling GSN Subscriptions with an astounding 30.73x return on ad spend

Product images of Gold Standard Nutrition meals
Product images of Gold Standard Nutrition meals
Product images of Gold Standard Nutrition meals

The client

Gold Standard Nutrition is a Yorkshire-based, healthy frozen food company, that makes eating healthy – easy! They have now developed into one of the UK’s leading frozen healthy food brands & you will find them stocked in over 300 gyms and shops across the country including Lidl & Morrisons.

The task

As their business continued to grow and expand, they discovered a gap in the market and looked to capitalise on this opportunity. That’s where Driven By Digital stepped in to lend a hand. We are proud to have been tasked with helping GSN successfully launch their new subscription service.

First things, first we created a responsive webpage for their new subscription service. This challenge required creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking to ensure we created a compelling user experience to achieve a high conversion rate whilst fostering the brand's message.

In addition to the landing page development, the task expanded to creating captivating visual assets and orchestrating targeted paid social media campaigns. The objective was clear – to introduce GSN's subscription service to a wider audience and ignite interest among both lapsed, existing and potential customers.

The result

Driven by Digital's multi-faceted approach culminated in a transformative success story:

High Converting Landing Page: The creation of a fully responsive landing page for GSN's subscription service became a cornerstone of the project. Tailored to both desktop and mobile users, the webpage seamlessly showcased GSN's new subscription offering, facilitating a smooth and engaging customer journey leading to a high conversion rate.

Creative Assets: Driven by Digital worked with an in-house creative team to create visually striking assets that aligned perfectly with GSN's brand identity. From captivating images to informative graphics & video, these assets effectively communicated the value of the new subscription service.

Paid Social Media Campaigns: A meticulously devised paid social media strategy was executed across various platforms. The campaigns were optimised to resonate with GSN's target audience, leveraging precise demographics, interests, and behaviour to maximise return on investment.

The Result: 30.73x Return on Ad Spend

The outcomes were truly remarkable. Our combined efforts generated an unprecedented 30.73x return on ad spend for GSN's subscription service campaigns within the first 2 months. This achievement translated not only into impressive revenue growth but also into heightened brand recognition and customer loyalty.

The collaboration between Driven by Digital and Gold Standard Nutrition illuminated the transformative potential of strategic digital marketing. By building a high-converting landing page, crafting captivating assets, and running precision-targeted paid social media campaigns, the team achieved a remarkable 30.73x return on ad spend. 

Our client portfolio includes leaders in various industries, such as e-commerce, hospitality, health & fitness, events, sports nutrition, hairdressing, alcohol, jewellery, and clothing.

Our core team had worked and consulted for a variety of national events and hospitality businesses prior to our inception. This experience provided us with an invaluable understanding of how to leverage digital marketing strategies to drive business growth.

Starting out with a handful of clients, we initially specialised in social media account management and paid social ads. Today, we assist brands of all sizes and shapes in achieving their objectives through a 360° approach to digital marketing, which includes Digital Strategy, Paid Social, Paid Search, Content Creation, Web Development, Email and SMS Marketing.

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Let's get started

Let's get started

Do you have a project in mind that Driven By Digital can help with?

Do you have a project in mind that Driven By Digital can help with?