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Delivering a bespoke event marketing blueprint for Fresh2Death

The client

Founded in 2017, Fresh2Death has become a dynamic force in the north’s student nightlife scene. They specialise in events, club shows, festivals, socials, and adventure travel for students and young professionals. 

With a reputation for curating unforgettable experiences, Fresh2Death sought to elevate its already strong digital presence. Driven by Digital had the honour of partnering with Fresh2Death to develop a comprehensive digital event marketing blueprint, reshaping the landscape of event-specific digital marketing and ensuring their events reach an even broader audience.

The task

We devised a comprehensive digital marketing blueprint to complement their current strategies and elevate Fresh2Death's event visibility and engagement. This multifaceted strategy focused on three core components: Paid Social Media Ads, Google PPC, and Email Marketing, each meticulously crafted to maximise impact and drive results.

Paid Social Media Ads: Igniting Excitement

We began by initiating a paid social media ads strategy to maximise outreach and engagement, strategically targeting Fresh2Death's key demographic. The result was a visually striking campaign across platforms, generating anticipation and extending their events' influence beyond traditional boundaries.

Google PPC: Precision Is Key

Precision was paramount in the Google PPC component of our strategy. Harnessing the power of Google's search algorithms, we ensured Fresh2Death's events took centre stage in relevant searches. 

By strategically bidding on high-impact keywords and crafting compelling ad copy, we enhanced event visibility and attracted an audience genuinely interested in Fresh2Death's offerings. This targeted approach drove quality traffic and boosted event attendance, demonstrating the effectiveness of precision in digital advertising.

Email Marketing: Nurturing Connections

Recognising the potency of direct communication, Driven by Digital curated an Email Marketing strategy that went beyond standard newsletters. We developed tailored content and strategically timed emails that built excitement, drove ticket sales, and fostered a sense of community among Fresh2Death's audience. 

By personalising messages and offering exclusive insights, discounts, and early access to event tickets, we ensured each email was a valuable touchpoint, strengthening the bond between Fresh2Death and its audience while driving engagement and attendance.

The result

The orchestration of Paid Social Media Ads, Google PPC, and Email Marketing delivered remarkable results for Fresh2Death. Our comprehensive approach has amplified Fresh2Death’s reach and engagement, creating a substantial buzz around their events, helping them solidify their position as one of the north's event industry leaders. With events gaining unprecedented attention, securing a devoted attendee base.

The partnership between Driven by Digital and Fresh2Death exemplifies the transformative power of a well-crafted digital marketing strategy. As Fresh2Death continues to captivate audiences with its exceptional events at Driven by Digital, we look forward to supporting our client in their next growth phase. 


‘I have been using Dan and DBD for a number of years now, which speaks for itself. We had no paid ad strategy or direction whatsoever, but since coming on board, that has completely changed. 

Our organic and paid campaigns all work hand in hand and are super effective and efficient, we see strong results regularly. There is regular communication and feedback and audience performance and what content seems to be getting the best results. I wouldn't use anyone else!’

Danny Harrison, Fresh2Death 

Our client portfolio includes leaders in various industries, such as e-commerce, hospitality, health & fitness, events, sports nutrition, hairdressing, alcohol, jewellery, and clothing.

Our core team had worked and consulted for a variety of national events and hospitality businesses prior to our inception. This experience provided us with an invaluable understanding of how to leverage digital marketing strategies to drive business growth.

Starting out with a handful of clients, we initially specialised in social media account management and paid social ads. Today, we assist brands of all sizes and shapes in achieving their objectives through a 360° approach to digital marketing, which includes Digital Strategy, Paid Social, Paid Search, Content Creation, Web Development, Email and SMS Marketing.

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Let's get started

Let's get started

Do you have a project in mind that Driven By Digital can help with?

Do you have a project in mind that Driven By Digital can help with?