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Ara Athletic

Attracting new gym members via lead geneation for ARA Athletic

The client

ARA Athletic is more than just a gym; it's a home away from home for its members, fostering an environment and culture of inclusiveness and acceptance. At ARA fun and focus merge seamlessly with cutting-edge training techniques, consistently delivering exceptional results. 

Members benefit from the same level of personalised attention as in one-on-one sessions while enjoying the motivating and inspiring group dynamic. ARA Athletic has made inclusiveness the cornerstone of its brand ethos. 

Driven by Digital had the privilege of collaborating with ARA Athletic to craft a Paid Social Advertising strategy, aligning their commitment to inclusivity with a targeted approach to growing awareness and generating new leads.

The task

Driven by Digital embraced the challenge of developing a Paid Social Advertising strategy that reflected ARA Athletic's core values and maximised its impact in increasing brand awareness and generating new leads. 

Our mission was to craft a campaign highlighting ARA’'s unique offerings and ethos while driving measurable growth and engagement. By leveraging precise targeting and compelling creative content, we aimed to position ARA Athletic as the go-to destination for personal training and small group fitness within North Tyneside, ensuring that their message of inclusiveness reached a wider audience and attracted a loyal community of fitness enthusiasts.

PAID SOCIAL: From Niche to Noticed

Our Paid Social Advertising campaign was designed to elevate ARA's brand visibility, transforming it from a niche gym to a well-known group personal training gym within NE12. We crafted engaging visuals and targeted messaging that highlighted the gym's commitment to inclusivity and positioned it as a welcoming space for individuals seeking a fitness community that celebrates diversity. 

By strategically leveraging social media platforms, we ensured that ARA's unique selling points resonated with a broader audience, effectively expanding their reach and drawing attention from fitness enthusiasts locally.

LEAD GENERATION: From Clicks to Conversions

Our approach went beyond mere impressions; it was centred on driving conversions. Our paid ad experts meticulously crafted compelling ad creatives that captured attention and enticed potential clients to take action. 

By strategically aligning our messaging with ARA Athletic's brand identity and USPs, we created an irresistible call to action that resonated with the target audience. The result was a significant surge in new leads, with individuals actively expressing interest in experiencing ARA's unique blend of fun, focus, and cutting-edge personal training techniques. 

This strategic focus on conversion optimisation ensured that our campaign generated awareness and translated interest into tangible results for ARA Athletic.

The result

Driven by Digital's Paid Social Advertising strategy has undeniably contributed to propelling ARA Athletic to new heights of success. By harnessing the power of social media platforms, our campaign effectively reached a diverse but targeted audience, resonating deeply with individuals who share Ara Athletic's core values of inclusiveness and acceptance. 

The collaborative effort between Driven by Digital and Ara Athletic exemplifies the transformative potential of a well-executed Paid Social Advertising strategy. Our campaign heightened brand awareness by seamlessly integrating innovative digital marketing techniques with ARA's unwavering commitment to inclusivity. It generated a significant influx of new leads, solidifying the gym's position as a frontrunner within the North Tyneside fitness industry.

As Ara Athletic continues to make waves, our partnership is a testament to the profound impact of strategic digital marketing. Beyond merely reflecting brand values, our campaign has yielded tangible, meaningful results, showcasing the remarkable potential of group personal training.


“I run a small group personal training gym, and Driven By Digital has helped us increase our awareness and bring in a load of new leads, which has then led to sales. Dan has always been on hand to help out and tweak things where needed to ensure we're getting the best results.”

Anthony Richardson, ARA Athletic.

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Let's get started

Do you have a project in mind that Driven By Digital can help with?

Do you have a project in mind that Driven By Digital can help with?