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Westerhope Golf Club

Revilatising Westerhope Golf Clubs' Digital Image

The client

Situated in the heart of Newcastle, surrounded by idyllic landscapes, Westerhope Golf Club is a revered institution steeped in tradition. Established in 1941, this fabulous parkland course, measuring 6,392 yards from the Members’ tees, offers easy walking and a fair and memorable challenge to players of all abilities. 

Despite its rich history, Westerhope Golf Club recognised the need to modernise its digital presence. To achieve this, they enlisted the expertise of Driven by Digital, aiming to bring its digital identity in line with its timeless legacy.

The task

Our mission at Driven by Digital was to transform Westerhope Golf Club's digital presence while preserving its rich traditions. The club recognised the necessity of adapting to the digital age to ensure continued growth and engagement. 

To achieve this, we developed a three-fold strategy: revamping their website, evolving their branding, and reinventing their social media approach. Each element of this plan was meticulously designed to enhance the club’s online identity and foster a stronger connection with current and prospective members.

Website Redesign and Optimisation: A Hole-in-One Move

Our first task was transforming Westerhope Golf Club’s website into a captivating and user-friendly platform. We redesigned the site to ensure it was aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. 

We focused on creating an immersive visitor experience, incorporating user-friendly navigation and streamlined reservation processes. Every element, from the homepage to the booking system, was crafted to enhance the user experience, making it easy for members and visitors to access information, book tee times, and stay updated on club events.

The new website reflects the club's prestigious heritage while embracing modern digital aesthetics and functionality, setting a new standard for golf club websites.

Modernise Branding: From Tradition to Trendsetting

The rebrand's essence was to honour Westerhope Golf Club's rich history while infusing it with modern appeal. Updating branded imagery was at the heart of this transformation, encapsulating the club's timeless values in a fresh, contemporary design. 

Crafting a visual identity seamlessly blends heritage with modernity, ensuring it resonates with long-standing members and new visitors. The new branding extends beyond a logo, encompassing all visual elements such as colour schemes, typography, and marketing materials, reflecting a sophisticated yet approachable image. 

Organic Social Media Strategy: Creating a Community Hub

Recognising the pivotal role of social media in community engagement, Driven by Digital embarked on a mission to revitalise Westerhope Golf Club's social media presence. 

Our approach included crafting strategic campaigns, curating engaging content, and developing interactive posts that resonate with the club's diverse audience. By leveraging the power of organic social media, we transformed the club's channels into vibrant community hubs, fostering increased interaction and significantly enhancing brand visibility. This reinvention has strengthened the club's connection with its members and attracted new community members!

The result

The collaboration between Westerhope Golf Club and Driven by Digital is a testament to the power of strategic digital transformation. The success of this partnership is evident not only in impressive metrics but also in the palpable impact on the local community. 

Our comprehensive approach to revamping the website, evolving the branding, and reinventing the social media strategy has modernised the club's digital presence and sparked renewed interest and engagement.

Westerhope Golf Club's journey is a remarkable narrative of blending tradition with innovation. Our expertise has elevated the club's online presence and reignited the local community's connection with WGC. 

This project has been more than just a digital upgrade; it has marked a milestone in Westerhope Golf Club's history and set a new benchmark in digital marketing success stories within the golf industry.


“Driven by Digital have done incredible work to help Westerhope Golf Club both in making the website easier to use and improving the content. Our online presence is massively improved and the club is seeing increased demand from visitors wanting to play the course and enjoy the food and beverages on offer. Thanks Dan and Driven by Digital.” 

Malcolm James, Westerhope Golf Club

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Let's get started

Let's get started

Do you have a project in mind that Driven By Digital can help with?

Do you have a project in mind that Driven By Digital can help with?